Tue. Apr 16th, 2024
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Recently started your job as a truck driver, if so these are the things you need to keep in mind especially before a long drive.

Don’t Forget Your Driving License and/or Other Relevant Documents

These documents are extremely important therefore they need to be kept up-to-date. If your license has expired, make sure to renew it as soon as possible. It is also a precautionary measure just in case you get pulled up by a cop, you are all clear. Abide By the Road RulesIt is essential to abide by the road rules such as turning signals, obeying the traffic lights, speed limit, etc. to avoid getting a ticket because employers see the police report before employing drivers, therefore if your record is filled with fines or obstruction of road rules can be a hassle to get a job.  

Maintenance of the TruckThe truck needs to be in good condition especially because it’s a heavy vehicle alignments, the alignment is extremely important or the truck can topple over therefore visit a heavy vehicle alignments company and get it done. The oil, brakes, engines, tires and other vital parts of the truck need to be serviced frequently and be maintained. Use of Navigation AppsUse navigation apps such as Google Maps or Maps to get to the destination in the fastest route and to avoid getting lost or going the wrong way especially in a hostile/unknown road.

Deliver the Goods SafelyThe goods are the main concern of the driver, as the whole job revolves around delivering the goods from one destination to another destination.

Careful Supervision of Loading and Unloading GoodsThe driver needs to be cautious about loading and unloading the goods so the goods don’t get stolen, damaged or misplaced.

Deliver On Time (JIT)The driver’s essential goal is to deliver the trailer to the destined location before the latest date or time. Therefore, the driver cannot afford to waste too much time at rest stops, gas stations, restaurants, etc. However, if the driver is unable to deliver on time, the delays may result in deduction from pay.

Timely RestsThe driver needs to take frequent rests from driving to avoid affecting the physical and mental health of the driver. And refrain from driving when sleepy, because it can lead to accidents which can be a threat to their life. Rest stops on highways and expressways have been built for truck drivers to rest. It’s simply just drive into the rest area, park the vehicle and rests. There are inbuilt gas stations and restaurants and washrooms for drivers to freshen up. However, too much time cannot be spent on this as time may not be on their side.