Tue. Apr 16th, 2024
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There are specific advantages to modifying your vehicle, though more often than not, modifications are more about improving the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle rather than improving their technical aspects or performance. Yet, there are certain types of modifications that often have no appeal whatsoever, and also decrease the performance of your vehicle: simply put, they are modifications you should be actively avoiding. Here are some of them:

  • Huge and pointless lifts – when preparing a vehicle for off-road environments, taking a look at the suspensions, adding ute ladder bars Melbourne and increasing its lift are often necessary modifications that need to be made. The general purpose vehicle used on highways and your average urban roads tends to have a low frame, and there is a constant danger of the vehicle parts on its underside hitting potential rocks and other obstacles on the ground when travelling on off-road terrains. This is why suspension kits are used to increase the centre of gravity and the framework of the vehicle. However, there is a limit to raising the suspensions of your vehicle – even when travelling off-road. Raising it too high simply puts a stress on your vehicle and makes it less powerful, not to add, it can also pose a significant danger when travelling.
  • Fake spoilers and hood scoops – unlike the installation of aluminium truck bull bars to the front of your vehicle (which actually serve a genuine purpose), the installation of fake spoilers or hood scoops is simply useless, except for maybe being a waste of money. The installation of one hardly comes with any technical or performance benefits that you could use to justify their installation, and more often than not, from an aesthetic point of view, they make the vehicle look far worse than it did originally (think about it, there should be a reason why the original carmaker did not attach a spoiler or hood scoop to your vehicle!).
  • Big wheels and aggressive tyres – you might have seen off-roaders on television with giant wheels and aggressive tyres that easily made your average pickup truck as tall as a bus. Other than for recreational races or climbing activities, however, there are no merits to have these fitted to your vehicle. Most people (if not all) who did so tend to regret their choice, because these wheels and tyres tend to suck out a significant percentage of the horsepower of your vehicle. Off-road environments require high-profile tyres, but the aggressive type of off-road tyres you see on monster trucks actually give you not benefit in terms of traversing the countryside (if anything, they are completely bad on wet, iced and even dry roads).
  • Bed caps – there is a reason why the average ute or pickup truck does not come with a bed cap, but with an open back – this maximizes the cargo-carrying capability of your vehicle, and allows for different kinds of objects to carried or stored (for example, bicycles and other tall objects). A bed cap, on the other hand, basically limits what kind of cargo you can carry as it provides a distinct height limit to whatever you can carry in your vehicle.